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Why We are not Using Phonics Road

Those of you who follow my blog and know how much I LOVE the Phonics Road and are wondering why I chose not to continue with it. Well, I thought I'd write a post as to why we are not using it any longer.

Caleb and Brent, completed the first level and part of the second level. They were 8yrs. 2nd grade and 9yrs. 3rd when we used the first level. I used it as the program instructed. In fact we went over our phonograms daily. By the end of the school year, they couldn't read the Little House book that was required for the second level. They still couldn't spell well. When we started Phonics Road 2 and I had to dictate sentences to them, they couldn't spell the words. I was having to help them with almost every, single word other than words like and, in, on and other cvc words. It was becoming very time consuming because of this.When instructed to read the Little House book, they couldn't read most of the words.

Maybe I should have stuck with it but being that my boys were on the older side for this program and still were not spelling and reading much better from when they started (a full 12 months) I decided we needed to switch. This is when I started the combo of Phonics Pathways and Spelling Workout with them.

I absolutely do believe that The Phonics Road is one of the best programs for Grammar, dictation, outlining and writing but I felt it was best to go another route because of the spelling and reading problems we were having. Maybe in the future we can come back to Phonics Road using The Bridge but for now I will pull from different resources.

Currently for reading fluency they are using Dancing Bears Fast Track (I really don't like that name).Edited (5/7/12), to add, that Caleb, Brent and I gave Dancing Bears a fair go, but none of us liked it (I didn't care for the stories and had them skip them). They completed the first book and after that we all said, "Forget it!".

Spelling, Spelling Workout for spelling list. Phonograms and rules via what they learned from The Phonics Road and SWR. Spelling Dictation, using Phonics Pathways. For a little extra phonics help, MCP Plaid Phonics.We did use this method but when the new school year started in Sept. 2012, I decided to try All About Spelling Again. The boys completed AAS 1, 2 and 3. We still reviewed with Phonics Pathways. Come Sept. 2013 I am going to go back to a more traditional word list for spelling. I don't have time to continue with AAS. We liked MCP Plaid Phonics and the boys did complete most of the book before switching to AAS in Sept. We didn't care too much for Spelling Workout, so I won't go back to that. I'm looking into A Reason for Spelling and Horizons Spelling.

The above combination is working well with them. Their reading and spelling is improving.Again, the combination was working well but I  wanted to give AAS a try and am happy I did. Like mentioned, I won't have time to continue it for 2012/2013 school year.

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