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With all My Teaching Textbook Talk

Since I'm on the subject of Teaching Textbooks these days and since my Josh, lost his Key To Series for Fractions workbook (over a week ago) I am going to have him use TT too. Hee, hee. I'm sure he won't be too happy but hey, he lost his math book.

The great thing about it, is I don't have to purchase anything. When I sold Teaching Textbooks 6 DVDs, I didn't get rid of the workbook and answer key.  At the time I was selling, I felt that I should hang onto the workbook. I knew my Teaching Textbooks days were not over. Anyway, I'll break the news to Josh, after supper.

I was flipping through the workbook and it looks perfect for Josh (again, I don't think he'll think so). Joshua, has been improving a lot. Not enough to start Pre-Algebra next year but he really is doing so much better.

The plan is to have him start TT6 the workbook only (he didn't like the cds anyway) and use it through the summer. Take the Bob Jones placement test (hopefully he'll score into Bob Jones Math 7) and go from there.

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