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It's hot and here I am drinking a coffee. I had to put my hair up, just so I can drink my java. I had an Orthodontist appt. today. Because, it's in the morning, I usually don't drink coffee. I don't want to kill the nice people who are fixing my teeth with bad, coffee breath.

My time has come. I need to make a consultation appointment to see what exactly I need done. I have never had any kind of surgery done, ever. I know oral surgery isn't as bad as replacing a lung but I am a bit scared. I don't know what's going to happen. I'm actually looking forward to the consultation, so the unknown will be known. It's going to cost $135.00 upfront but hopefully I will be refunded.

I made an appointment with the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. I haven't been to the dentist since we moved here. Almost two years. Thankfully, we all take good care of our teeth. I will brush the kids teeth when needed. From Lance all the way to Josh. If I have to, I'll use a wash cloth. Josh, flosses really well. I'll floss the younger ones at least once a month. I know, that sounds bad, but I do brush them good at least once a week.

I also need to talk to the the dentist about my root canals that I had done when I was prego with Josh. I had a horrible dentist in California. The goofy people didn't even remember that they drilled a small hole to relieve pressure I was having. After Josh, was born (no one wanted to do anything with a prego lady) I went back to have the root canals done and they asked who drilled the hole. I was shocked! My goodness. Anyway, once the root canals where done, they didn't tell me I was suppose to have them capped or put a crown on them. So, here I am 13 years later, finally getting it done. Yikes.

I was going to have it done two years ago but it's expensive. I need four teeth crowned. I'm not certain, we will do the crowning this year but the oral surgeon needs to know because it makes a difference with the surgery.

I would appreciate any prayers. Lupe and I really don't know how we are going to pay for all of this but it needs to be done. I can't chew right because my bite is off. I can't chew much on my left side. On my right, it's very hard to eat small things and at times I do have to chew with my mouth open (I do use a napkin, so I won't gross anyone out). Those of you who have a nice aligned jaw, thank the Lord, because it really is a blessing. I miss being able to chew normal.

I have three appointments in the two weeks. Tomorrow I  get my eyes checked, the week after I have the consultation and dentist appointment. Oh, what fun =)

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  1. Hi Linda!

    I was at the dentist today as well! I'm about to blog about it. I will be praying for you. God is able and HE will provide the funds and he will heal your jaw, even if through the dentists! I have faith!

    I'm so sorry about your jaw issues. I pray that your jaw be aligned properly and soon in Jesus' name!


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