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Brent's Schedule

I am adding more to Brent's homeschool schedule. Here is what his weeks have been looking like lately.

Practice AWANA pg. 45 and 47, Mon.-Fri.
Copy AWANA verse on p.51-Tuesday.
Copy AWANA verse (top half) on pg. 53 and copy bottom half on Wednesday.
Spelling Workout complete pgs. 38, 39, and 40. Copy spelling words Thur. and Fri. Test on Fri.
Spelling Dictation using Phonics Pathways 3x this week.
D.B. Fast Track Reading 8pgs.
Teaching Textbooks lessons 17, 18, 19, 20 and quiz.
Math Mammoth 1pg. daily.
MCP Plaid Phonics 1pg. daily

This is what it use to look like.

Teaching Textbooks, five lessons a week.
D.B. Fast Track Reading
Spelling Workout (some weeks)
MCP Plaid Phonics, try to fit in 3pgs.

He won't start Grammar, history and science etc. until next school year.

I am trying to get him going with more copywork (later I'll add dictation). Right now I am using his AWANA verses for copywork. I'm still trying to figure things out and what to use for this. I'm not very creative. I need to look at Easy Classical Main Schedule to see how exactly they incorporate this. For now I'll use AWANA and as soon as I receive Writing With Ease 2 I'll add that in through the summer. Once I have Easy Classical Main schedule and Writing With Ease in front of me I can figure out what to do.

Also I do have five other kids to teach the various stages copywork, dictation, narration, outlining and such, so that will come into play with how often I do this with Brent.

Brent's MCP Plaid Phonics page that he completed today.

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