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Caleb School

Caleb's tutoring sessions usually last about an hour (poor guy). I know once he leaves there's a good chance I may not get him back. Not because he's a rebellious kid but I start with the next child and the next and the next and the next and, well, you get the picture. By the time I'm done and can circle back, I'm a bit tired and I get lazy.

During his tutor time I will go over a spelling rule. Today, we went over syllables using Phonics Pathways and the sound of 'k' in a multi syllable word (like mimic). I didn't dictate sentences to him, only words ending with the 'k' sound using the letter 'c'.

I introduced long division from his Bob Jones Math. I completed a few samples on the whiteboard. We were working on division problem like, 181 divided by 30. I always try to add place value to the problem. I let him know that the 1 is 100. If I had 1 one-hundred cube, would I be able to give it to 30 people? No, so we are going to decompose the hundred cube into ten bars. Now, I have 18 ten bars, can I divide them among 30 people? No, I need to decompose them into ones/units. Can I divide 181 ones among 30 people? Yes. I also went over how to find the answer quickly by multiplying 3x? but he had to remember that the 3 represented  3 tens, to add the zero. For instance 3tens x 6=180. On the board I would show it 3x6=18 then turn the 3 to 30 and add the 0 to 18.

I didn't get to our Fast Track Reading. Math and Spelling Dictation took the whole hour.

Caleb, on his own did some copywork, completed a Math Mammoth page and practiced his spelling words from Spelling Workout.

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