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I think Caleb, is holding out on me. Today, I had him read a few paragraphs from Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5 and he did pretty well.

We are slowly working our way through Phonics Pathways and Dancing Bears Fast Track. Hopefully by the end of this month he'll complete Fast Track A/B and start C. This program is okay. We both dread it but I think it's necessary to complete it. I try to have him do two pages a day. We skip the story pages. Instead I am having him read a little each day from Bob Jones Heritage Studies 2. I am having him read the 2nd level, so he can build confidence and get use to the words. Also, it's free from our church library. Hopefully in a few weeks I can get my hands on the 3rd and 4th grade levels at Half Price Books, so he can read through them over the summer.

I think with Caleb, he needs to find something he's really interested in like with Josh. Josh didn't take-off with reading until the summer after his 4th grade yr.)

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