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Caleb's Copywork

I should be washing the pans that are piled up in my sink. If I don't do them in the evening then it sets me back during the day when I'm trying to get school done.

I did want to show some of Caleb's copywork.

I do think Caleb's penmanship could have been better. I did tell him that the holes are to be on the left side. The copywork hasn't been corrected yet. I am going to go over it with Caleb tomorrow. I may have him rewrite it.
 The piece below is copywork from a narration. Yesterday, I read a few paragraphs from Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5 to Caleb. It was about bicycles and steam engines. I had him retell me what I read to him.
I did have to read the passage a few times and I also had to prompt him here-and-there. Once I wrote it down I had him copy his narration. Again, I do need to go over his mistakes with him. What I'm going to have him do is compare his copy to the original to see if he can find his own mistakes.
I know I should have gone over these with him soon after he turned them in but I have to admit, it's not as easy as it sounds. Many times I'm trying to get another subject in with another student, so I usually have to wait till later or the next day to go over it with them.
 Once, a week Caleb, copies a verse from A Reason for Handwriting.
I think I am leaning more towards Charlotte Masons (CM) type of copywork. At the same time I do like to pull ideas from Susan Wise Bauer as well.
I would like to blog about the differences some time.

The day I had Annette, Caleb and Brent, narrate to me took a good chunk of our day. I'm trying my best to add it in.

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