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Caleb's Schedule

Like, with Brent, I'm adding to Caleb's schedule as well.

Spelling Workout is done daily. Twice a week he writes in spelling words. We go over any spelling rules.

Spelling Dictation is done at least three times a week using Phonics Pathways. I look at the sentences that I will dictate and go over any spelling rules. For instance today his words were adding the suffix -y and -ing. I went over when to double the consonant and when not to. I watched as he wrote the sentences and helped him when needed.

Penmanship is done daily.

Math daily. This week he is using Teaching Textbooks, completing lessons 93-97 and 1 page3 of Math Mammoth daily. He needed a little more review with fractions, this is why he's some Teaching Textbook lessons. Next week we'll go back to Bob Jones.

Copywork this week-AWANA verses.


D.B. Fast Track Reading (same as Brent) about 8pgs. a week.

Here is a sample of Caleb's Spelling Dictation using Phonics Pathways.

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