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Caleb's Schedule

Here is Caleb's schedule for the week (Praying we get it all in)

  • Teaching Textbooks-lessons 98 and 99-Equivalent Fractions Part 1 & 2.
  • Math Mammoth -3pgs more on fractions
  • Bob Jones Math-lessons 142, 143 and 144. Working on long division
  • Spelling Workout lesson 13
  • History Narration. Monday he narrated to me (I wrote it down) Tuesday he will copy his narration.
  • Copywork-Wednesday copy a passage The Boxcar Children
  • Spelling Dictation-1xweek
  • Fast Track Reading-8pgs.
This is a four day week for us, so I only scheduled in one day of Spelling Dictation from Phonics Pathways.

It looks like a lot of math, I would like him to be a bit more school busy. Not every week will he have three different maths going.

Monday (today) I read a passage from Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5 about Mr. Ford. I had him narrate it back to me. Again, I prompted and helped. Tomorrow (Tuesday) he will copy it. I'll try to remember to take a picture and post it.

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