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Cooper Lake

The Alert Cadet group that my husband and boys attend, had a family camp time. We left Friday and came home Sunday.
Getting everything down.
Our van was packed so tight. We have that little hitch thingy hooked to the van, that we load up. It really weighs our van down. We scrap a lot. We are considering purchasing a bigger van. The children have no room once it's packed with blankets, backpacks etc.
 Lance, exploring. There's lots of Poison Ivy, so we had to be careful.
 Brent, reading the tent instructions.
 Josh and a friend, figuring things out. Josh, has helped Lupe, put tents up before. This was his first time putting one up without dad's help.
 Brent, enjoying the fruits of his labor. Lupe, purchased this tent so long ago on sale at Sears. We haven't used it until now. I had forgotten we had it. We normally use the big blue tent and now that Josh and a few of the boys like to sleep in their own, we use a small tent that Lupe and I purchased for our first camping trip (before kids)
 The men folk went to check out the restrooms, Annette, is trying to contact Caleb, on the Walkie Talkies they purchased a few months back (they saved up for them).
 If you want to keep two boys busy. Give them some axes and a long piece of wood to chop for a cook-out. They were busy chopping this 'log' for hours. They fell asleep real fast too.

 Keeping an eye on the fire. Thank you Brent.
 Ethan and Brent.
 This was the longest worm we ever saw. Look at it, it's about a foot long.
 Saturday, the guys did some marching for us women folk.
We all had a nice time. It was much needed with so much going on here at Homeschooling6.

The only bad thing that happened, was a rock hit our windshield and cracked it.

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  1. I like all the pictures! It looks like you all had fun. Is this something the church does every year?


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