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As I'm going through and reviewing Annette's fifth grade year, it seems she did do a lot of copywork and some dictation using Learning Language Arts Through Literature (I think at times I'm too hard on myself with thinking we are not doing enough). Through the summer, I'm going to make sure she does every dictation assignment or should I say, I need to make sure I take the time to do the dictation passages with her.
I am also going to go over her Learning Language Arts Through Literature assignments more consistently. There is some really good stuff in this program and I need to make sure we flesh it all out.

I would go into more detail now, as I have her book right here, but my hubby is using the Wii Fit and I want to watch. He's so cute! We laugh so much with the Wii Fit because we look so funny jumping, moving out of the way of a soccer/snow ball etc.

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  1. Sometimes it really does help to look back and see everything that has been done. I have to do that from time to time myself. ;)


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