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Day 159

Today, as I write I'm having a cup of hot chocolate with soy milk. Here are a few of my favorite non-coffee drinks.
 From left to right. Starbucks Hot Cocoa mix, Coffee Bean Chocolate and Coffee Bean Vanilla mix.

Joshua, made some Pumpkin bread today.
A quote from Josh, "You never miss an opportunity to teach."
Of course I started by saying, "This is a whole, now, it's 1/2 etc."
My oldest son Joshua, teaching my youngest son Lance, how to crack an egg.

Brent, loves his blanket. At one time it was a full size blanket, now it's almost gone. Not long it was a little bigger where he could tie it around his head. Now it sits on his head.
 Brent's Spelling Dictation from Phonics Pathways
 Brent's MCP Plaid Phonics page.
 Ethan's Soaring with Spelling copywork.

What a busy day it can be schooling 6 dear children. Today was suffix day. I went over suffixes three different times with three different children (Josh, Caleb and Brent). If I would have planned my day better I could have sat them all down at once.
Well, actually I didn't know I  was going to teach Josh, about suffixes. I gave him his pre spelling test. He knew all the words, so we skipped to the next lesson. He knew all the words, so we skipped to the next one, which happened to be about adding suffixes to words. I thought I'd review when to add a vowel suffix. Anyway, he did great and knew all those words. He was able to skip lessons 6, 7, 8, 9 and start lesson 10. I thought that was wonderful for him.

I didn't get too much school done with Ethan, today. He came to the table a bit grumpy. I guess his mouth still hurt from yesterday. The boys and girl ;) where playing some sort of made up game. The lights turned down with lots of tunnels (you know, the couches are all taken apart). Brent, accidently hit him with a big, red, stuffed bear (that he bought with his AWANA bucks). When it hit Ethan, it caused his play gun to hit his mouth. Above his left, front tooth is a bruise. All that to say, Ethan, was saying his mouth hurt. I think he was trying to give me an excuse as why he couldn't do school. Saying all those sounds, I'm sure was too painful (yeah right!).
This was taken yesterday. He is completing a Math Mammoth page. I printed these off to keep him busy. I figure another fifteen minutes of sitting at the table can be a good thing.

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  1. That pumpkin bread sounds so yummy and I love that even in the baking process you saw an opportunity to teach. So cute!! Suffixes. Sounds like a fun day! I like your non coffee drinks by the way! yum!


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