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Day 170

Today's tutoring sessions:

Caleb, completed
  • Teaching Textbook math quiz 14
  • Bob Jones Math lesson 145
  • Phonics Pathways we went reviewed adding suffixes 'ing, ed' when a word ends with a vowel, pg. 104 adding 'es' to words ending in 'sh, tch, ch, zz, s'
  • Fast Track Reading pgs 108-109
  • Practiced spelling words
  • went over AWANA verses
  • I read a passage from Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5 and had him narrate it to me.
Caleb's narration.
While America was at war a revolt in Russia happened. The czar of Russia had to leave. A man named, Vladimir Lenin, said he would bring 'Peace, bread, and land' He made a treaty with Germany . Germany could only attack the west side.

Brent, completed:
  • Phonics Pathway pg. 104 (same as Caleb) I teach them separately though.
  • Teaching Textbooks lesson 24
  • 1 pg of Math Mammoth 3A
  • Fast Track Reading pgs. 106-107
  • MCP Plaid Phonics pg 76-77
  • Spelling, copy spelling words
  • AWANA verses and Alert Cadet verses
  • Read a passage pg. 40 from Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5
Brent's Narration.
The Wright Brothers wanted to make airplanes for the army. When they tried the army said, no. A few years later the army said, yes, but it had to hold two people. This became the age of flying indeed.

Lance, completed:
  • Handwriting Without Tears-practiced making a capital 'D' on his slate, then made a few in his workbooks. Did okay. The 'D' is a hard one for him.
  • Practiced the poem 'The Catipillar'
  • Completed a math lesson.
Lance, still needs to do All About Reading, I need to read to him and have him retell the story.

Ethan, did copywork. He spent most of his time with Grandpa. Today, he copied the 'week days'. His writing is next to mine. Tomorrow he'll copy a few sentences.
Brent, likes to see how things work.

 Grandpa, brought Lance, a Ninja outfit.

 Grandpa, also brought us some Alien Beef Jerky. He told the children, that an Alien, gave it to him after they finished having a cup of coffee together. I think Lance, really believed him.
 Josh, cooking again.
 Josh, made these hush-puppies for lunch. He liked them but said there is room for improvement.
He thinks he put too much onions. Maybe he should try adding bacon bits. Yum!

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