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My camera is acting up, so I'll have to add pictures later. Today, I was tired again. I had trouble sleeping. Speaking of sleeping. The other night I had a dream. I dreamt that a my order for Bob Jones distance learning came for Josh. A Rep. dropped it off. As she and Lupe, were bringing in all the boxes, I opened a few only to discover that most of the material was used. I was so disappointed. I was expecting nice shiny new books. Instead there were ones with bend corners and such. You know how they look after being used for a year or so? I mentioned this to the lady rep. and she told me that's what they use. People return them and they recycle the books. I was  like 'what in the world' I payed over $900.00 and I'm getting used books. Finally, since I gave such a ruckus (I was kind of course) she took everything back and was going to get me new books. Guess, I'm thinking too much about next school year if I'm dreaming about it.

Joshua, is improving in math. I corrected one of his lessons and he missed only four problems. He got all the long multiplication and division problems correct. He is doing so well. Still not able to go into Pre-Algebra but so much better. He is no longer missing double/triple digit addition and subtraction. There are those few but compared to how he was doing at the beginning of the year, he's improved greatly.

Long division was hard for him to understand for a while. Lupe, explained it to him a few times as well. I would bring out the base ten block, gems etc. and show him exactly what was happening. I used the whiteboard and other times sat next to him. It's been hard but I think he's getting it. Now we are working through fractions. Monday, he will start TT6 Chapter 7: More on Fractions.

Joshua, is becoming a young man seeking God. He studies his Bible daily. I don't have to remind him. He wants to know God, so much. I'm very proud of him. He is a real blessing.
I think reading God's Word, really keeps him going. I know it's hard for him knowing that he is not where a 7th grader should be academically. He has mentioned to me that he knows he's doing 'kid' work or little kids work. I told him, he is doing so well. This is why we homeschool, to meet our children where they are at.

My son has a hard time processing information. He will say he understands but later will forget. I know I've mentioned this before but when he was learning to read, it was really hard for him. Too many rules. Now he is a great reader. He reads for hours every. single. day. I love it. I think since January he has read over 30 books. Many of them were 300 pages.

He has a desire to learn. He has been working his way through a book called "How to Tutor". He saw it on my nightstand a while back and asked if he could read it.

I didn't mean to write a whle post about my oldest son, Josh, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm really excited to see what God has planned for my boy =)

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  1. Praise the Lord for his diligence! God is going to do great things in his life for his obedience to Him and to his parents. You already know my testimony with Adam, and Adam didn't start really taking off with reading for pleasure until the 6th grade, so Joshua will do wonderful with highschool. God will give you the wisdom to choose just the right books/materials for him! Keep up the good work! You have been faithful and now God will show you His faithfulness in completing the work that was started!


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