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Day 174

I need to get up earlier in order to school all my kiddos. I wake at 7:30-40. Have coffee and computer time. My dad comes every morning to visit and have coffee too. I jump in the shower around 8:30-40ish. By the time I'm done showering, dressed and had breakfast, it's almost 10:00.

My tutoring sessions with Caleb and Brent alone are about an hour each. I try to fit Fast Track Reading, Phonics Pathway for Spelling Dictation and reinforce rules, a little bit of math, and now penmanship.

I've only had two, one hour sessions today, with a few quick ones sprinkled in. At noon we have lunch, then try to get more school in before our 2:00 quiet time.
Ethan, copied part of a poem and illustrated it. 
My Brent, has not-so-good handwriting. Today, I decided that I would sit with him and show him how to form each letter. Something I should have taken more time with when he was younger. I shouldn't have handed him a penmanship workbook and expect him to just know how to write neatly.
I demonstrated how to make the letters a-q. I set the timer for 15 minutes. When it was up, we moved to 'Spelling Dictation'. I sat next to him, read the sentence twice, had him repeat it and write it.
As he wrote I watched. If I saw that he was going to make the letter 'i' starting at the bottom I would remind him to start at the top.
 Reminding him how to form each letter and sitting next to him to make sure he did took time but look how well he wrote the sentences.
A page he completed from MCP Phonics.

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