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Day 175

Yesterday, I mentioned that I am sitting and reteaching penmanship with Brent. I wanted to show you his writing from earlier this week.

His letters are slanted this way and that way
 This one looks a little better.
 The one below, is from yesterday's Spelling Dictation.
Today, I sat with him again. We both wrote the whole alphabet. Upper and lower case letters. Hopefully tomorrow, he'll continue. I am going to sit next to him and make sure he makes those letters neatly.
In the fall I'll have Brent, start cursive. I meant to have him do cursive this year but it didn't work out.

Brent, completing a TeachingTextbooks math lesson (taken yesterday)
 Ethan, completing his copywork.
 Yesterday, after demonstrating how to make the letters, I had the 'Magic C' bunny, sit and watch, Ethan, to make sure he worked carefully.
 With Mr. C Bunny, Ethan, did do a better job!
 Ethan and Brent, working hard.

Today, the weather is really nice. Because, it was so nice, I didn't get many tutoring sessions done. The children did do some school that they can complete independently (math worksheets, copywork, TT Math, reviewing spelling words etc.) but lessons that I have to teach didn't get done. I had one, forty minute lesson with, Brent at that was about it.

Instead, I was outside with the children.

 Brent, made a boat. He put plastic wrap around it to keep the water out.
 Chili and Cilantro plant.
 Ethan and Brent, not sure what they are doing.
The weather this morning was not too hot. I was in the shade and there was a nice breeze. Once out of the shade, one could feel the heat. It's not summer, but with the 80 and 90 degrees, it feel like summer days.


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  1. The penmanship lessons are paying off, Brent's handwriting came out beautiful!


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