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My Sweets and I came home late Sunday evening (we went shopping for Joshua's B-day stuff), as I came out of my bedroom I looked down and saw this HUGE, ugly slug.
Immediately in my whisper-scream voice (Josh and Annetter were sleeping in the livingroom) I yelled, "Stop! Just Stop!" to Lupe, who was on his way out of the bathroom. I didn't want hom to step on the ugly, slimy thing.
I saw Lupe's shoe, so I yelled, in my whisper-scream voice again, "Just stop! Don't come out!", Lupe, is confused and freaking out, asking "What is it?"
"There's a HUGE slug!!!"

My poor hubby, comes out of the bathroom (the door is open the whole time but he couldn't see the creature because it was dark and a little off to the side) and says, "Calm down, I thought maybe there was a snake or someone in the house" and he continues, "Can't you say, Dear, there is a slug on the floor." in a calm way.
I told him I panicked. I mean, look at the thing. It's big, it's ugly and it's slimy.


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