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Handwriting Without Tears

Ethan, showing his work on his slate.
 Once done practicing his letters on the slate, he then wrote them in his book.
He is working on the 'Frog jump' letters. These are the letters that have one big line going down, then jump back to the top to finish the letter.

I like Handwriting Without Tears but it took me 15 minutes to do with him. Not too much time but every minute counts here. I didn't get anything else done with Ethan, today. It was lunch time when we finished.
I do think taking the extra time to make sure he's making the letters correct and neat will pay off later.

One thing I've learned and am embarrassed it's taken me so long; that one really does need to sit and teach the child all the little details. One cannot think that they will just learn it later. I know. I thought this at one time, but have come to realize that even the little things need to be taught (kind of like child-rearing).

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  1. Having used HWT since my girls were 4 and 5, I can attest to the fact that, yes, your time now will bear fruit over time. :^) Seriously, my girls now have really nice printing (and cursive) thanks to HWT, and the whole process of learning the HWT method was really good for their thinking and manual dexterity in other ways. :^)


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