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History for 11/12 School Year

I have a decision to make with what history program to use for next year. I know I was set with Easy Classical Early Modern History but the more I think about all the books I have to read the more I'm concerned about it NOT getting done. I'm torn. I would like to use lots of books. I loved it when we did use many books for history. I also have to think what would REALLY work here at Homeschooling6.

I love that Easy Classical has it all scheduled out but will I really get a chance to read four different books a week and do the crafts? I'm not sure and thinking about it at times scares me (so many book/craftes/notebooking and so little time).

I really want to add history in for Caleb and Brent this year. They will be in 4th and 5th grade. I think it's time to get history done with them. Although they have learned quite a bit already using audio books. Now I want to sit with them and learn together (like I did with Josh and Annette).

I do want simple, easy to use and something that will get done. So, although Easy Classical is not out I am still researching and looking to see if there is something even easier to implement than Easy Classical. One more thing I'm having to consider is the price. To be honest, I don't think at the moment we can afford all the books for Easy Classical (I still need to buy the basics, math, LA etc.)

I did find A Living History of Our World. I like the cost $34.95 + $18.95 for the notebook. I like that it's one book and still complete. I like that narration is included. It tells when to stop and narrate. I also like and I'm surprised, that it doesn't have a Bible study attached. I've been thinking about this. One of the reason I wanted to go with Easy Classical's history was that it DID include Bible. The more I think about it the more I like the fact that A Living History of the World doesn't. This would give me a chance to concentrate on the children's AWANA verses. Something we've been neglecting because our curriculum usually has Bible included.

For right now those are my two options. I am going back-and-forth with this. I pulled out Easy Classical Early Modern Time schedule out and it really is very good and organized. I like how geography and writing are included in the schedule.

Next I'm off to look at Easy Classical's Writing program. I need to print it, so I can look at it from the comfort of my couch or bed. I don't have a laptop to carry around.

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  1. My vote is for Queen's, A Living History of the World...hehe. I'm all for all-in-one and then reading books on the side for pleasure. It will be easier to add literature to it, than it would be to have to read through an amount of required literature...but then that's just me and you already know I like efficient and easy to get to. ;)


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