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Lance and Ethan School

It's been hot lately, so I've switched from a hot cup of coffee while I blog to iced coffee. I purchased these Cafe cappuccinos from Kirkland a year ago. I'm able to make a good thing last. I still have some of the hot chocolate from last year too. The Cafe Cappuccino is pretty sweet, so I use half a packet per medium coffee cup (I save the cups from McDonalds and Startbucks).

On the school front.

Lance, practicing his lowercase b's on the whiteboard.
 On his slate.
 Finally in his workbook.

 Lance, working with the letter 'c' today. Above, he is painting the "C" picture with dot paints. Below he is playing a rhyming game. Today, he did much better with rhyming. I didn't have to stress the ending sound so much. Normally, I almost have to give him the answer, but today, he was able to figure it out by himself.
I put three pictures in the wagon. Two rhymed and one did not. Lance, had to find the two that rhymed and tell the one that didn't rhyme to get out of the wagon. He really liked that. Every time I pull out our reading program, Lance will ask, "Is he coming?" Meaning is Ziggy the Zebra.
I put some green construction paper through the shedder to make grass for his picture.

Ethan, completed a Math Mammoth page. I am only requiring one page a day.
Ethan, also completed a Saxon Phonics lesson (101). Later today, he will complete Handwriting Without Tears and Teaching Textbooks Math.

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  1. Way to go, Lance! Those are some really good c's!


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