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Lance School K

While we were camping, I noticed Lance, has some teeth coming in. When I informed him, he said, "No mom, they are going out". I didn't notice because they are in the back of his front bottom teeth. His front teeth are not even loose yet! This has happened to Ethan, Brent and Caleb too, but usually they had teeth that were ready to come out. I think it was Ethan, who had a tooth pulled because because his baby tooth was taking forever to fall out. We moved it, slightly tugged at it daily but it was hanging on. His permanent tooth was almost all there. Thankfully, the teeth know what to do and have always moved forward once the baby teeth fell out.

 Lance, said, "My mouth is big, huh?" Lance, has the biggest mouth of all my children and he happily shows it off.
 Just being silly.
What a cute little foot my Lance, has. I think he needs his toenails trimmed though.
 I really like this picture of my Lancey!
 I guess I should write about what Lance, did today.
He did two lessons in math, I read some fables and had him retell the stories back to me. I didn't write them down this time. It was a spur of the moment thing. I went over his Catechisms.

 I had him practice a poem. Little Miss Muffet. We made a little flap craft. The top has the words to the poem, flip it up and see a picture. I made a simple little spider book and we read that together too!
Later, I'll edit this post to add picture from All About Reading. We still need to finish a lesson in grammar (First Language Lessons Part 1)

I'm back to add the rest of Lance's school picuters.
Lance, had fun with the rhyming game.
 His 'D' picture.
I didn't get to his penmanship or grammar today. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. That Lance is toooooo cute! Love the pictures of him. I also liked the "No mom, they are going out" Lance quote; made me smile. I miss those kids!


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