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Lance School

Lance, is on his second week with All About Reading Pre-1 and week 6 with Easy Classical K.
This week is the letter B week. Today, I introduced him to the capital letter and we played a rhyming game.

He had some trouble with rhyming, so we'll continue to play through the week.
We went over the poem The Caterpillar and that was about it. I still need to do math and penmanship with him.
For Bible we went over the Chatacisms.

Edited to add what we did later.
Practiced making the letter B on his slate.
 I am finding out that puppets work great with my silly, wiggly, Lance. He loves the Ziggy Zebra puppet that comes with All About Reading and the Magic C Bunny from Handwriting Without Tears.
During his Handwriting Without Tears lesson he kept asking for the 'bunny'.
We were not making any Magic C letters but I pulled him out anyway, to help make a zero.

Practicing numbers.
 Lance and I made a spider. He is memorizing the poem, Litte Miss Muffet.............

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  1. Do you think AAR Pre-Level 1 would work with a child who already knows all her letter names and sounds? I am trying to figure out what to do next year with my 4.5 year old. This year, she nailed all of that, and is probably ready for beginning reading. I'd love to use AAR because we love AAS, but I don't want to invest in something she already knows...


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