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Lance School

It's hard to believe that Lance's K year is almost up. One more week and he'll be a 1st grader. Although he still acts like a toddler at times.

Here is what Lance, has completed today.
Lance, practiced rhyming. He still needs lots of help. It seems right when I think he gets it, the next time we play, he needs me to stress the sounds A LOT.
He loves Ziggy the Zebra. It's hard to take pictures of him, because I'm holding the puppet and the camera.
I guess we got a little behind with our worksheets. The past two weeks, I didn't complete everything as I had hoped.
To play 'catch-up' I had a review day with these two worksheets. Again, at times I really had to stress the beginning sound.
 Lance, practicing the letter 'd'. I thought he did quite well.
I read him a Cat in the Hat story today.
We went over what a noun is. He almost has the definition of noun.
He completed a page of math. I forgot to take a picture of his math page. Maybe I'll add it to tomorrow's post.

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