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May 23rd

Lupe and I are parents to a teenager! Our first teenager. Wonder what changes are in store for us.

This is why the Mr. Sparrow poster. I saw it at the store and knew Joshua, would really appreciate it.

Joshua, wanted to invite friends from church and I would have loved to, but our house can barely fit us. With so much rain and all, we decided to keep it small with Grandpa, Uncle Joe and his friend, and Auntie and Uncle along with their four kiddos. 

The kids decorated the table and put some streamers on the fan. It looked really pretty.
 Lupe, was in charge of the games.
The first game played was building a tower using marshmallows and toothpicks.
 Caleb, Annette and Brent.
 Lupe, helping Lance.
 Ethan, getting some ideas.
 Annette's tower was the winner.
The next game; everyone had a spaghetti noodle and had to pick-up Fruit-Loops with it using one hand.
 Annette, won again.
 This game was a Volcano-cake game. Lupe, dumped a whole bag of flour (carefully), put five Hershey kisses on top. We each had to make a slice (like cutting a cake). If the Hershey kiss fell, we were out. The last one, wins the game.

 Caleb, won two games. One was the Volcano and I can't remember the 2nd game.
The happy birthday boy.
 After the game, we sang Happy Birthday to Joshua.
 Annette and Brent, decorated the table.
Blowing out the candles.
 I thought this was a cute picture of my dad and Jake, laughing together.
 Josh, making the first cut.
To Be Continued........................


  1. Happy Birthday, Josh!!! I love the cake!

  2. Happy Birthday! How fun :) We've been through two turning teen and another one is rapidly approaching in May.

    Looks like you had a lot of a fun!


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