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Mother's Day

Late Mother's Day pics.
My blogging friend Dee, had this cute bear, so I asked if I could use it.

As I entered the kitchen I found this homemade sign on the table and Annette, was making pancakes.
Annette, made me a nice card.
 Ethan, wrote me a note.
 A card from Ethan.
Brent, drew me a picture.
 Caleb, made me a card.
 Like Grandma Estel, has taught him;he put his age.
 Caleb's picture, notice he put his name, date and age. (grandma will be pleased)
 Lance, gave me gifts.
 Josh, made me a card.
 Inside the card.
 From my, Sweets.
 He picks such nice cards.
 Caleb, loves these beanie baby dogs. He loves me more, because he gave them to me. He really does like these dogs.
 From Lupe and the kids, pj's.

Brent's gift, paper and stickers.
We went to church. After, I was treated to Arby's for lunch. For dinner, we ordered pizza and watched a girlie movie.


  1. Oh Linda, the cards made me smile with joy! They were all so beautiful, and I love the p.j.'s. What a special family you have to love you so much! Thank you for posting all the pics!!!

    ps I've been teaching my kids (or trying to) date their cards to me, but I really like the idea of them writing their ages...I'm going to tell them to do that, too! ;)

  2. your kids are too thoughtful and creative!! Such cute cards and sweet gifts. So glad you were spoiled this Mother's Day! You deserve it;0

  3. Hi Lou, love the cards from the kids. Sounds like you had a fantastic Mother's Day :)


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