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Mr. Sparrow

Why do I have a picture of Mr. Sparrow in my kitchen? I don't even like Mr. Sparrow. I think, I saw the first two movies and don't remember much, other than I don't care for it too much. I think I didn't like the ghost, the romance scenes and the gloomy beginning of the first one. I don't remember if there was any bad language.

If they could at least leave out the romance scenes, I'd be happy.

Anyway, I don't care for my children to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean. My Sweets, thinks it's okay, I'm a bit more strict when it comes to what the children watch. My kids have watched a few movies that I don't approve of. Thankfully, for the most part, my Sweets and I agree with what our kids are allowed to see.

Some how Josh, happened to watch half of the movie. Can't remember where, but he thought Mr. Sparrow was so funny.

I guess there is a new Pirates of the Caribbean out, and he's seen the previews. Of course he thought Mr. Sparrow again, was just soooo funny.

Back to my question, why do I have a picture of him in my kitchen? Well, I'll have to answer that in another post.

I don't like movies with kissing scenes, bad language, kids being disrespectful, too much violence, or anything scary. For the most part they don't watch rated R movies. Even many PG-13 movies they don't watch.
I don't plan for the children any time soon to watch Soul Surfer because for my family, it shows too much skin. It's a great moral movie and  Lupe and I will most likely watch it.

Now that I have five boys and one little girl, I see movies/shows in a whole new light.

I got sidetracked with my post, sorry.

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