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Narration and Copywork

I'm tired and have a headache today. I had a good nights sleep. The night before I had trouble falling asleep. It was past four o'clock when I finally fell asleep. I'm fine the next morning but the day after is when it hits me. Today, I schooled mostly from my bed. It's made and I'm dressed but it's more comfy when one is tired. I also let the children spend more time on the Wii Fit, and can't forget we wacthed an old episode of the A Team. The kids thought the goofy guy was pretty funny.

On the Homeschool front...........

This week, Joshua, copied one paragraph from the Declaration of Independence. Normally it would be two but I slacked with writing his schedule.
What I am having him do is pick one paragraph to study that week. He then copies it and studies it. When he studies it, he's looking where puntuation marks are, capitals, and any words he can't spell.

Today, I read a passage from Bob Jones Heritage Studies 8, and had him narrate it back to me. Since we haven't been doing narration regularly (like forever), I wrote it down for him. This way, he didn't have to think about writing only retelling.

Here is his narration.
When George Washington asked for spies, Nathan Hale was the only one who volunteered. He was disguised as a school teacher. He went to Long Island to gather information, but it didn't amount too much since the British were moving on. He followed the British and was caught with information he was carrying. He was hanged the next day without a trial by orders of Howe.

Right now we are narrating more Susan Wise Bauer way. It's different from Charlotte Mason. Charlotte, wanted details. Everything the child could remember, making it their own. The WTM (Susan) way is with not so much details. Retell in four or five sentences.

Right now I am having the children do Study Dictation. This is where they see the passage before it's taken away and dictated to them. Like with Josh, I am having him copy the same passage twice and study it all week. This is more Charlotte Masonish.

Currently with Josh, as much as I hated to do this, I stopped Pattern Based Writing (for now).

I was listening to some lectures on writing by Susan Wise Bauer. In the lecture, she mentioned that a child may have trouble coming up with an Essay because he may not know what to write about, how to get his thoughts on paper. He hasn't copied good models. Copying, narrating and dictation gives the child a look at good writing and how it's done (she worded it way better than that, I listened to them a weeks ago).

When I was done listening to some of her lectures, I had fully planned to continue Pattern Based Writing. Thinking, Josh, can finish it as we incorporate copywork, dictation and narration.

The next day, Joshua, had to come up with a subject for his essay. He was going to write about making cakes. I noticed that he didn't know where to start. What information to give. He was sitting there trying to figure this out. I told him to brainstorm and write ideas on a piece of paper, when it hit me. I need to back-up (like Susan suggested). So, here we are today with the school year almost up, starting over with Writing.

I feel scattered and not sure exactly where to start. Two weeks ago I started Josh with copywork. He wanted to copy the Declaration of Independence because it's something he's been working to memorize. I am also dictating a paragraph once a week. This week I added in one narration. I'm still not sure if I'm doing this right but it's a start.

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