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New Shoes Needed

Auntie Ruth, bought these shoes for Annette, three years ago.
Three years ago Annette, was eight years old.
Yesterday, she told me that her shoes are getting tight and thinks she needs a new pair. I was surprised when she informed me that she had them for three years. It seems like yesterday.
Off to Target next payday!


  1. aw, what a great picture! They grow up so fast, don't they! I was just drooling over all the little girl Easter clothes and actually picked out baby outfits that I would put on my now grown 20 year old girls! LOL! My husband thinks I'm crazy. I don't actually buy anything, I just window shop and say, this one will be for this one and I'd put that one on that one. I can't wait for grandchildren!

  2. We have had shoe troubles for the last year, too. My eldest has worn the same size for a few years - or rather because I tend to buy shoes a size bigger than they really need, they have lasted her a long time because her feet grow slowly. My second DD, however, has feet that have grown so fast, she now is a size bigger than me! The eldest DD complained about having to wear the same shoes for so long, but now she is complaining about having to wear the shoes that her younger sister outgrew in three months and are still in good enough condition for eldest to wear. Can't wait until money grows on trees so they can have what they want. Blessings.


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