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Odd and End Pictures

My hubby is so kind to me. I found my shoes polished and sitting on my bed. I wonder when he took the time to polish them.
The day before I had mentioned that I may need a new pair of shoes. Little did I know they could be restored.
 A truck load of things to sort and go through. Declutter and organizing.
 Can you see most of the Wii characters are snoozing. Eeeks, it's been over four days since I've excersiced using the Wii Fit Plus. I need to make it a priority (but when).


  1. You are very blessed to have such a caring husband, but then, you are a wonderful wife, too! He is modeling such an awesome example for your children, Linda!!!

  2. HAHA, the Wii picture made me laugh :-D I'd be a sleeper too! Which ones are actually up?

    The picture of your shoes made me smile. They look new! Lupe did a great job in polishing them. Tell him THANK YOU for taking such good care of my siser :)

    ...and I see a Connect Four in the truck. I use to RULE that game. I was champ of the 6th grade class! ;)


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