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Annette and Caleb
 Brent, Annette, Caleb and Josh, playing a subtraction card game.
I was playing too, but was so tired, that I stopped. I decided to wake myself up by washing dishes.

I love seeing the children play so well together. Gotta cherish the moment.

Today, my nose and forehead are peeling. Lupe and I, got sunburned while camping. It was a chilly day, and because of the cold, I was tricked. I didn't put any sunblock on anyone. Thankfully other than my Sweets and I, no one else was burned by the sun's rays. It's been forever (like since I was 10) that I've been sunburned.


  1. Family unity is one of the best blessings of home education. :^)

  2. Thanks for the blogging tip (I was able to change the date/time on my blog post). Those unsunny cold days are the most deceptive. Dh & I had a terrible sunburn once from playing all day at a beach, on a cold cloudy day without sunscreen. Very painful. It taught me a lesson! I love those times when the kids are playing nice together. What wonderful memories they will have to share with their own children!


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