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Summer School

We have one more week of homeschooling left. Wahoo!!! I plan to have us all take a week off of school. No math, no spelling, nothing schoolish. The kids can read of course. They love reading. I won't deny them that.

During that week off, I'm going to read three books:

Through the summer, I'll have the children continue working on math, light grammar, copywork, dictation and at least one narration a week.

I have enough to keep us busy. I have Math Mammoth, Teaching Textbooks, math drill books and more for math.
I think I can pull from what I have for copywork.
With Ethan, he will continue to copy the days of the week, months, phone number and address and poems from First Language Lessons. He will start Teaching Textbooks 3.

Lance, will work on his penmanship. Hopefully by the fall he'll be able to write his letters and numbers. I would like him to start simple copywork.

Josh, will continue to copy the Declaration of Independence as well as dictation from the passage. I would like to do at least one narration with him and start more outlining. I may have him go through the Writing With Ease text for grades 1-4.

Annette, she will continue using Learning Language Arts Through Literature (as will Josh) for her copywork and dictation. I will add in daily copywork from Thematic Copywork Lessons; Verses from the Bible by Sandi Queen. This book was gifted to me from a homeschooling, blogging mama.

Caleb and Brent, will continue with Spelling Workout, Teaching Textbooks Math, MCP Plaid Phonics and copywork. I won't have them do all subjects every day though. What they will do daily is math and copywork.

All the children will work on their AWANA verses. We really got behind with this.

I'm really excited about our summer work schedule. I won't need to purchase anything for 'Summer School'. Hopefully I can make small purchases through the summer fo next year stuff. I would really like to be done shopping right now but finances are slowing things down.
I know it sounds early to want to be done with buying next school years stuff, but I do like to look it over, read the teacher manuals and such. I don't think I'll have that luxury this year. I will most likely have to purchase everything in August. Since I'm ordering during the busiest time for homeschool publishers, it will take longer for my school stuff to get here. But what can I do? At least we'll be kept busy through the summer.

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