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Teaching Textbook (Brent)

Brent's K year, he went to the public school.

1st grade he used Christian Light Math 2nd grade.

2nd grade year he used Spunky Math 2. At the time both Caleb and Brent were using Christian Light Math 2nd grade. Caleb is very competitive, so instead of switching them both the Christian Light Math 3, I had Brent, use Spunky Math. It's a very solid program that really gets those math facts memorized.

Brent's 3rd grade year, I started him with Bob Jones 4, so I could combine him and Caleb. Since I would sit and teach and they had to go at the same pace, it worked (with Christian Light math one could work more independently). Bob Jones, was too hard for Brent (considering I skipped 3rd grade math, so I could combine him with BJ4). I purchased a used Saxon Math 3 which was too easy for him and I was not consistent with it because I was also teaching other subjects with 5 other kids. I signed Brent, up with Math-Whizz because I wanted him to do something on those days that I couldn't get to him.
In April I finally took the plunge and ordered Teaching Textbooks. I had him take the placement test. Teaching Textbook 5 was a good place to start. So, here we are today, using Teaching Textbook.

Just thought I'd share a little about our math journey and how we ended up with TT.

Brent, did use McRuffy Math for 3-4 months {June-Sept.) as well. At the time I had him using the 2nd grade math, even though he was in 3rd grade. I wasn't sure where to place him, so I emailed the company and they sent me the end-of-the year or testing out-of, test. After looking at the 2nd grade test, it looked like that's where he should be placed. I have since pulled out his McRuffy workbook and he has covered many of the concepts. I'm pleased that despite a rocky math year he improved.

Also, when he took the Math-Whizz assessment, he did score a yr. ahead.

As for now, we will continue through the summer. I'm pretty sure he'll continue using it, but I really did like Bob Jones Math 4 too and was originally going to have him use that for his 4th grade year. Today, it really looks like Teaching Textbook may be the one though. It frees me up and I really want to concentrate on grammar, writing and be more involved with history. Now that Brent and Caleb will be in 4th and 5th grade I need to start beefing up some other subjects.

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