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Teaching Textbooks (Ethan)

For Ethan's K year, we didn't do too much. I think being around his older sibling and hearing/listening in on their studies helped.

1st grade year, I used some of Spunky Math 1 and Math Mammoth 1 but again was not very consistent. He did learn how to count and add.

2nd grade (this year) he used a combination of McRuffy Math and in mid year I added Saxon Math. He knows all his addition facts and many subtraction. He also uses DreamBox Learning and this has helped too.

In April, I purchased Teaching Textbooks 3 for him and he loves it. Although he does say it's easy but he has learned new things while using it. The easy stuff right now for him is the addition and subtraction. He did solidify odds and ends, knows the months and days of the weeks, learned line segments and now graphing. So, it's not easy in the sense that he is not learning new things.  Another thing to consider is, Ethan, says everything is easy, he just thinks he knows it all ;)

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