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Week 32

Week 32. May 2nd-6th, 2011

This week I we started something new.

I added a few narrations with Caleb and Brent. I read from Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5 and had the boys narrate what I read. I did this at separate times with different passages from the book.
The boys did need some prompting.
Annette, did one narration, copied a passage from Learning Language Arts Through Literature and I dictated the same passage.
Joshua, copied two paragraphs from The Declaration of Independence and I dictated one paragraph.

As for regular school work here is what:

Josh completed:
  • Learning Language Arts Through Literature
  • Math-Teaching Textbooks lessons 28-32
  • Math Whizz-20 minutes a day
  • Soaring with Spelling lesson 10
I know it looks like a little bit but LLATL consist of copywork, dictation, grammar and writing.

  • Learning Language Arts Through Literature (copywork, dictation, grammar)
  • Math-Whizz daily (20 min.)
  • Soaring with Spelling lesson 15
  • Saxon Math-4 lessons+test 13 (80%)
  • Teaching Textbooks Math 5 lessons.
  • Math Mammoth 5pgs
  • Spelling Dictation 3x this week using Phonics Pathways
  • AWANA verses
  • Narration and copywork
  • Spelling Workout lesson 12 (missed 'clean' and 'said', will carry them over)
  • 4pgs. of Math Mammoth
  • 5 lessons of Teaching Textbooks
  • MCP Phonics 5pgs
  • Spelling Workout lesson 9 and 10
  • Spelling Dictation via Phonics Road
  • AWANA verses for memorization and Bible
  • Teaching Textbooks-5 lessons
  • Math Mammoth-3pgs
  • AWANA-copied a verse
  • Soaring with Spelling-completed lesson 10
  • Saxon Phonics 3 lessons (learning ou as in found, ow as in cow)
  • Completed his 2nd week of All About Reading (B's)
  • First Language Lessons-lessons 4-7
  • Memorization-The Caterpillar
  • Handwriting Without Tears-practiced making capital B's
Here are some pictures from today.
Ethan, working on Math Mammoth

 Lance, made the letter B


  1. Everytime you start to think you are not doing enough, you need to look at what you did today! Woh, that's a lot that you got done this week! :)

    And LLATL is most definitely enough because it emcompasses all modes of language arts! I used the yellow book with Adam in the third grade. He didn't like it, but then he hated everything that made him have to write or copy, but looking back on his work now, I have these sweet memories of his work.

    Way to go mom and kids!


  2. It looks like a successful week! Happy Mother's Day!


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