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Week 34/Day 172

Week 34

Two weeks to go and we officially schooled for 36 weeks! June 1st is our last day of school. We will continue to school through the summer but take breaks and be more relaxed. I'm so happy. I need a week off from teaching.

  • Copywork consisted of copying a part of a long paragraph from the Declaration of Independence.
  • Dictation work taken from his copywork
  • Learning Language Arts Through Literature which consist of grammar, copywork, spelling, writing
  • Math 4 lessons plus a quiz from TT6
  • Science reading science books from SL 5
  • Saxon math Investigation 7, lessons 69-72
  • Learning Language Arts Through Literature which consisted of copywork, dictation, writing, some geography and grammar (her passage this week is from a David Livingstone book)
  • Narrated a few fables
  • Spelling Workout-completed lesson 15
  • Phonics Pathways pgs. 103-106. I dictated sentences. Reviewd previous lessons and introduced adding 's' and when to drop a 'y' and add 'es'
  • Fast Track Reading pgs.109-113
  • TT Math completed lessons 98 and 99 and Quizz 14
  • Bob Jones Math-completed lessons 145-147
  • Practiced AWANA verses from pages 91 and 99. Memorizing the New and Old Testaments
  • Narrated a passage from Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5. pg 63
  • Phonics Pathways-completed pgs. 102-106
  • Phonics MCP Plaid Phonics pgs. 75-79
  • Teaching Textbooks 5-completed lessons 23-26
  • Math Mammoth pgs. 3pgs
  • Fast Track pgs. 106-109
  • Narrated a passage from BJ Heritage Studies 5 pg. 40
  • AWANA pgs 45-47
  • Saxon Phonics lessons 102-104
  • Teaching Textbooks lessons 34-36
  • Saxon Math lesson 39
  • Copywork-copied the days of the week and part of a poem.
  • Soaring With Spelling completed 2pgs
  • Handwriting Without Tears 2pgs.
I didn't get as much done with Ethan, this week as I would have liked.

  • All About Reading-introduced the letter D
  • First Language Lessons-continued with learning his poem The Caterpillar.
  • Math 2pgs.
Didn't get too much done this week with Lance.

Annette, working on Learning Language Arts Through Literature (purple book)
 Filling in the map.

 Caleb, reading from Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5.
 Brent, practicing fluency using Bob Jones Heritage Studies 2.
 Soaring with Spelling (Ethan's)
 Ethan, was suppose to draw a 'Brown and furry' Caterpillar. I think he drew a tree instead.
I really wanted him to use colored pencils and make it pretty. Oh well, I tried.
 Ethan, started reading this book to me. He read the first page.
Now that he has completed most of Saxon Phonics, I need to get him reading.

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