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Writing a Little Bit About Everything

Are weather report for today is 'severe thunderstorms'. Right now as I type it's thunder, lightning and raining. I'm sure by the time I finish my blog post, it will have passed. Rain and storms come and go so quickly here.

Last night I didn't get to sleep until past four. I fell asleep on the couch with Lance. I guess he couldn't sleep either.

My kiddos are so kind to me. After lunch I  told the children I was going to take a little rest and read. This was about 1:30p.m. Five till two, I could hear Annette, telling her siblings to clean and wipe the table. She put everyone down for nap (quiet time). At 2:10 p.m. I felt refreshed, left my room to a quiet house. All the children were in their rooms listening to audio books.

Earlier today, Annette, asked if she is could warm up a left over McDonalds Apple Pie for me. She so sweet. She really has a servants heart. She will often get me things or offer to make me something. She knows how to make her mama feel special.

Josh, Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance are like that too. Some more than others. Brent's servanthood usually comes out when I'm sick. He'll set up a little table, get me water and food when I'm not feeling well.

On the homeschool front (just had to add those precious memories of my children) before writing about school.

This week Lance, is learning about the letter 'C'. He is adding 'grass' and 'hay' to his picture.

 The paper across the cow's face is hay. He suppose to be munching on it.
 Ethan, completed two Teaching Textbooks math lessons and one Math Mammoth page.
 He said, "This is so EASY for me mom". I am adding 1pg a day of Math Mammoth 2A.

Since, I spent an hour of tutor time with Caleb, yesterday, today I had Brent, in the 'hot-seat'. I went over spelling rules from Phonics Pathways. Dictated words to him using the 'k' sound in a multisyllable words like, 'mimic, fantastic etc.'. I read a page from Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5 and had Brent, narrate it back to me. Here is his narration:

In England, the people could not worship freely. The Separatist left and the Puritans also. The Catholics wanted to leave England too. George Calvert who was a Catholic bought provisions and paid the way to start a colony in the New World.

I didn't have him copy it because I  had already had him copying a passage from Learning Language Arts Through Literature the orange book, that I picked out. My sister Cynthia, gifted me almost all of the older LLATL books, so I  am using them for copywork right now.
I plan to eventually use some copybooks from Queen Homeschool but at the moment can't afford them. I have from Simply Charlotte Mason a Spelling Wisdom book. It's in storage right now, I hope to find it soon and start Ethan, Caleb, Brent and Annette using it through the summer.

I'm finished with my post and it's still storming. Lot of rain. I love the sound of the rain. The children said, "God is watering our crops for us again." They are funny. Our 'crops' is really a handful of plants. I need to post about that soon.

The plants are much bigger now, but you get the idea of our 'crop' size =)

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