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Submit Button

I hit the submit button at Christianbook.com. I figured if I'm going to purchase some of the things I want, I need to take matters into my own hands (big grin). I started selling curriculum that I am no longer using. It's been a busy few weeks with posting, answering, packing and shipping.

Praise the Lord! I was able to make an order. Just in case you all want to know I ordered:
  1. America the Beautiful Curriculum Package
  2. Two extra timeline and map books for Caleb and Brent, who will use America the Beautiful with Annette.
  3. America the Beautiful Lesson Review Book for Annette. Not sure if we will use this but purchased just in case. I plan to have Annette, practice outlining and summarizing instead of using the Lesson Review Book.
  4. Notebooking Journal for Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 (Flying Creatures). I purchased three. Annette, Caleb and Brent will use this.
  5. Study Skills Strategies: Outlining
  6. Latin Monkey Match
  7. Song School Latin Teacher Manual
  8. Song School Latin workbook
  9. Katy a book that needs to be purchased to complete America the Beautiful
  10. Two more Latin Primer A workbooks. I already have everything needed for Caleb and Brent, but decided to add in Annette and Josh. I was going to use Latin Alive with the two older students but have heard it moves pretty fast. I feel more comfortable starting with the Primer and moving onto Latin Alive another year.
That's what I ordered today. I was a bit nervous because of the Latin stuff. Nervous because I'm wondering if we will really do it. The children are really excited and have been wanting to learn Latin for a few years now, so praying that we'll get to it this year.

I got free shipping too. I was really excited about that. Right now (not sure how long it will last) if you call their customer service number, press 1 and ask for a promotion coder for orders over $100.00. They will give you a one time promo code.


I remember playing library with my sisters when I was little. Now I  have the joy of watching my children do this.
Yesterday, Josh and Brent, set up their library. Lance, has a little part of the bookshelf for his library. All five books.
Annette, Caleb and Ethan, set up their library in their room. Yesterday I made a whole $6.00 at Half Price Books by donating two and half boxes of books (Lupe and I wanted to laugh when he gave us the total), so I donated the money to Annette's library. She purchased five new books for a total of $8.59. She had taken a few dollars to buy a book or two.
Since it's late, it's quiet and I can think, I thought I'd write a bit about what we will use this coming school year 2011-2012. No more decision making. I am not going to look around anymore. I repeat. No.more.changes!!!!


Joshua-Bob Jones Heritage Studies
Annette, Caleb and Brent-America the Beautiful by Notgrass
Ethan and Lance-Hideaways in History by WinterPromise


Joshua-Bob Jones
Annette, Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance-Apologia Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. The three older ones will use the Journal Notebook as well.


Joshua-Bob Jones and Writing with Style. I'm not exactly sure how I'll fit both in. I haven't seen Bob Jones or Writing with Style yet.

Annette-WinterPromse and outlining across curriculum. I'm going to try my best to have her outline from her history and science books.

Caleb and Brent-Easy Classical Writing program-Writing with Ease 2-Narrations from their history and science programs.

Ethan-PAL/Writing, copywork and narrating.

Lance-Copywork and narrating.


Josh-Bob Jones and something else (not sure what that something else is yet)
Annette-WinterPromise and Analytical Grammar with DVDs
Caleb and Brent-Shurley English
Lance-First Language Lessons


Josh-Bob Jones Literature
Annette-WinterPromise LA (Children of the Longhouse; Almost Home; Songbird; Guns for Gen. Washington; Pirate Patriot: John P. Jones; Little House in the Big Woods; Soft Rain; Who Was Mark Twain?; The Giant Rat of Sumatra)
Caleb and Brent-continue with Phonics Pathways (sorry, but Dancing Bears was WAY to boring, I was falling asleep during our lessons) haven't figured out a reading program yet.
Ethan-WinterPromise LA
Lance-Most likely PAL/Reading


Josh-Soaring with Spelling
Annette-Alien Spelling Attack from WinterPromise
Caleb and Brent-Spelling Workout
Ethan-WinterPromise and continue with Soaring with Spelling


Joshua-Bob Jones or Teaching Textbooks
Annette-Math-U-See Epsilon and Zeta
Caleb-Math-U-See Epsilon
Brent-Teaching Textbooks
Ethan-Teaching Textbooks
Lance-Funnix Math and Math Lessons for a Living Education

Foreign Language

Josh-Bob Jones Spanish and Latin Primer A
Annette, Caleb and Brent-Latin Primer A
Ethan and Lance-Song School Latin

I'm going to really try to add in more copywork, narration, dictation, and outlining depending on where each child is at. Some may only do copywork for the year.

I hope to finally get Latin in. This 2011-2012 school year I am trying my best not to overlap and add too much.


I was going to write this yesterday, but didn't have the time. My Ethan and Lance, were so awesome yesterday. They played for hours together without bickering. It was music to my ears. I wasn't feeling good, so that really helped.

I made some play dough and they played with that for two hours. Then they went to their room and played for another hour or so. I was able to take a two hour nap as well. Not one of my dear, little children woke me up to ask if they could have a Graham cracker or watch Curious George either. It was great!

Here they are playing with the play dough.

 Here is what they made while I was in la-la land.

On the homeschooling front................now that I  have been back-and-forth with what time period in history we should study, I think we are going the American History route. And you want to know what's so crazy about this choice? This past weekend I packed up over 90% of my early American books.  Books that I had collected from WinterPromise American Story 1 and 2, My Father's World and Sonlight Core-4, along with the many other books that I have picked up along the way. How crazy is that!?!
For now, I'm going to keep them all in storage and use what only comes with the program we will use. I'm too tired to go back and dig all those books out of our storage unit.
I have been packing all curriculum that we will not use this year. Even, though I would like to use it, I'm still going to pack it up and put it in storage. This way I am not seeing it and it's not taking precious shelf space. If I REALLY need it we can get it from storage. I want only what will be used on the shelves.

I have been selling things that I know won't be used for many years or at all. This time I'm not going overly wild with selling, like I did two years ago. That year I sold things that I wish I hadn't and repurchased some of it. Yikes! That's embarrassing.
It's been crazy here at Homeschooling6. Good but crazy. On the homeschool front, I am again making changes to our 2011-2012 school year. Lupe and I decided that Annette, will not use Bob Jones Distance Learning. It's too expensive to have two children using it, maybe next year will be better.

This has left me with trying to figure out what to use with her. I think I have most of it figured out. What I'm trying to decide is, should I have her join the younger ones for history? If so, what cycle should we start?

I'm trying to figure out if I should do a two year American History program with the four olders or start with the Ancients.

I was really set on using a one-year history program with Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance that was geared more for the younger ones.

Now, maybe we can take a two year trip through American history. I can have the children memorize the presidents, state & capitals,  the Declaration of Independence can be memorized as well.

Once again, my head is spinning.

Summer School Week in Review 2011

Lance, completed another week of All About Reading. His letter for this week was 'f'.

 He completed four pages from his Living Math Book. He also did two lessons of Funnix Math.
 Here he is painting.
Annette, working on Penmanship. She also had her Friday, Sow and Sew class.
 Ethan, completed three Teaching Textbooks lessons. Today he did lesson 41.

Joshua, started Application of Grammar Book 1 and it's pretty hard. I am having to sit with him and explain things again. I am also going over fractions with Josh as well. He needs lots of repetition. Next week I will have him continue reviewing fractions, hopefully the week after he can resume Teaching Textbooks. Josh also completed lesson 6 of Writing With Ease level 3.

Annette, completed three Saxon Math lessons. She can't wait to finish and start Math-U-See. We were talking a few weeks back and she thinks she needs more review. Per Annette, Teaching Textbook and Saxon Math do not have enough review for her. With this information I think she needs a more mastery approach to math.
She also completed Writing With Ease week-6 and has completed five pages of penmanship.
Writing with Ease included her copywork and narration. With both Josh and Annette, I haven't used it for dictation yet. I plan to start in a few weeks.

Caleb, has completed at least a page a day of Math Mammoth 4/B and penmanship. He also did a weeks worth of Writing With Ease 2.

Brent, completed four lessons of Teaching Textbooks. He is doing well but I noticed that the problems he misses are the long multiplication. Next week I will go over this with him.

All five of the older kiddos, watched 3 lessons from The Phonics Lessons. Josh looks like he's so bored with our phonics lessons. I'm thankful that he obeys even when he doesn't want to. I know it will help improve his reading though. If you look at the Language Lessons page you will see lots of nonsense words and there are some where I have to stop and really look at the letters and combinations to read it. I know by the end of the lessons I'll have learned a thing or two as well.

Final Decisions

(I'm writing because Lupe and the children are playing Dutch Blitz)

I think I'm getting down to the nitty-gritty of deciding. There are still a few subjects that I'm not sure about. Mainly history. 

I did change Ethan and Lance's up since I last posted a few weeks ago, but I think it's set.
I was going to use Shurley English with Ethan, but have since decided to use WinterPromise La's. I Chose the 1st grade level because it reinforces the phonics that Ethan has learned from Saxon Phonics. I have heard that it's a pretty advanced 1st grade program. I am also adding PAL/Writing, to add more grade appropriate writing. If needed I can always add in Writing With Ease.
I also like that it looks more fun. Saxon Phonics was great but there is no color. WP has a fun reader that the child can write it called Acorn and Friends.

With Lance, the major change is using IEW PAL/Reading (although I haven't seen All About Reading level 1). It looks fun and I love that it includes copywork, poetry, sequencing and more.

For Science I decided that I can save money by using Apologia instead of Bob Jones Distance Learning. I can save about $350.00. I already own the Apologia science text. I will need to purchase a few notebooking journals. By using Apologia Science I can combine the four younger children.

Okay, gotta go. My Sweets finished playing Dutch Blitz with the children and needs to use the computer now.

I'm Flooding

Wednesday, Ethan and Lance, attended a friends birthday party. She is in the same Sunday School class. They came home really excited and talking at the same time. Our friends have a swimming pool, so I purchased some arm floaters for Ethan and a vest for Lance.

Lance said, "Mom, I was saying, help, help, because I was flooding." I guess he was getting water in his mouth.

Saturday, I woke up to Lance, saying, "Look, notice anything?" He is standing next to my bed with his mouth open. I look and realized his tooth fell out. I asked him when and he replied, "I don't know", so where his tooth fell out, who knows! I was a bit sad that we didn't have a tooth. This is his first tooth to fall out.

Look at his round cute mouth.

 Lance, 'reading' before bed.

Schedule for 2011-2012 School Year

So, here I thought I was set for next school year. I KNEW what I was going to use. I should know myself by now, but I was fooled again!

I am changing my history choice up and am not so sure we'll use Bob Jones for Science (I'm talking about history and science for my four younger kiddos). I should use Bob Jones Science 4 with the dvds because I know it will get done, but it's very expensive. My second choice is to use Apologia's Flying Creatures. I own the book and would only need to purchase the student journals.

There are other things I'm considering but I think I'll keep quiet and wait until I have it sitting on my shelf.

Yesterday, I made a schedule for our 2011-2012 school year. I know I need to get more organized to fit in our subjects. I'm really praying and seeking the Lord in this, because as of right now it looks impossible.

Here is what I have. This schedule is for the four younger ones and I. I don't know anything about Bob Jones Distance Learning and am not sure how to schedule that in yet. Hopefully in July, I can order them and figure it out.

Start school at 8:00a.m. sharp! If we don't start early, nothing going to get done. At eight we will start the day off with Bible. I was going to have Ethan and Lance use Big Truth for Little Kids and Caleb and Brent use Leading Little Ones to God. I know I can't fit two different Bible times in, so now I will have them all use Leading Little Ones to God.

8:30-9:00/Brent, Caleb and Ethan, will do spelling/copywork/penmanship. Not exactly sure how they will fit it all in but there will be room later in the schedule for them to finish. At this time I will school Lance.

9:00-9:30/Mom, still schooling Lance. Caleb, Brent and Ethan do math.

9:30-10:00/Mom schools Ethan. Caleb and Brent, Critical Thinking (this includes Editor in Chief and Math Detective. They can alternate days). Lance, free time.

10:00-10:30/Mom, continues schooling Ethan. Caleb, Brent and Lance take a break.

10:30-11:00/Mom teaches writing with Caleb and Brent. Ethan, Critical Thinking. Lance, controlled free time (meaning he can work on a puzzle/color etc.)

11:00-11:30/Mom teaches grammar with Caleb and Brent. Ethan and Lance, free time (maybe pick-up their room or make sandwiches for lunch).

12:00-1:00/Lunch for all.

1:00-2:00/All four younger ones work on history or science. I'll read the text and have the children narrate or outline. We will alternate days. History/Science/History/Science etc.

2:00-3:00/Latin for all four younger ones. Song School Latin for Ethan and Lance. Latin Primer for Caleb and Brent. I'm hoping that Caleb and Brent, can do more of this on their own. I can watch the dvd before-hand.

3:00-4:00/Quiet time or nap for all (mom can blog if she has any energy left)

4:00-?/Have children finish their copywork, spelling or penmanship.

The above schedule doesn't show the little five minute breaks that they will take going from one subject to another. The children will have to use the potty, get snack or a drink during the five minute breaks.

I know a school-at-home setting is often looked down upon in the homeschooling world, but I don't know any other way to fit all our subjects in. Quite honestly, a few of my children seem to do better when their school day is scheduled out like this. Everyone will know what they should be doing and when they should be doing it.

I let Lupe, know that this schedule will not work with one computer. Hee, hee. I requested four laptops and six timers. Yes, that's exactly how my hubby looked, well not exactly, he more or less, laughed but did say, maybe we can swing two.

My plan is to have a bookshelf next to my desk (dinner table) with all the teacher manuals, Ethan and Lance's stuff. This way I can pull book/TM etc. out and put them away without wasting precious walking minutes. Every minute counts.

Hopefully I'll be so organized and have finger snacks available for all (including me).

I don't expect our days to run smoothly. I know this schedule leaves no room for real life happening (which will happen) but at least it's a start. If we get knocked off course, we'll start whatever subject is under that time slot. What was missed can be done in the evening or next day.

Week Off

The week we took of we:

Drew pictures...

 ate $0.50 ice cream cones from McDonalds...

 bought some pretty magnets, that were on sale at Staples...
 watched the cucumbers grow....
 made silly faces.....
 started a puzzle...
 continued putting the puzzle together...
 played logic puzzles.....
 continued with the puzzle....
 acted like a statue...
 pretended to be a monkey...

 sat on an Ikea step-stool...
 read some more...
 ate the cucumbers that grew...

 read from the book of Timothy...
 poured milk...
 woke grumpy...
We never did finish that puzzle!