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About the Children

I thought I should write a little bit about what the children are up to.

Lance, has two front teeth that are loose. He still likes playing Ninja. He loves maps. I need to find a good map of our city and one of the United States for him. I am thinking of purchasing The Little Man in the Map for school.

Ethan, still speaks so quietly. It frustrates his dad because he can't hear what he is saying. At times I too get frustrated. I don't want him to go mute on us, like he did a few years ago, so I try not to push too hard with him. He says he is shy (we don't use that word around him but I'm sure it has slipped). Ethan, likes to be outdoors and loves the garden. He is very kind and gets his feeling hurt easily. He sometimes thinks that his sibling don't like him.

Brent, loves to do things with his hands. He likes taking things apart. For his birthday I plan to splurge and purchase him another Lego set of a ship or army tank (something along those lines). He still has a temper but is working on it. He really feels bad when he gets so mad that he hits someone. I can see it in his eyes. He almost always, will go back and apologize. He still has the biggest smile and I love watching him when he is smiling. He is a happy little guy. Helpful too.

Caleb, is still cautious about many things. He has always been our careful one. Always watching. Things have to be fair with Caleb and we have been working on that for years now. I don't know why he is like that. I have always taught the children that life is not fair and I don't cut brownies the same size. I have no problem with letting one child have a little more but still this fairness thing has crept its way into Homeschooling6. Caleb, loves to serve. When I'm not feeling well, he'll make me comfortable. He loves to get wet. A few years ago, he didn't like to participate in water wars but now, he jumps right in. He loves to play army with Josh, Brent and the neighborhood kids.

Annette, loves to read. This is her second year making a goal to read 36 books. Last year I think it was in the twenties. She loves to spend time with her mama! She likes when I brush her hair (I do too). When the weather is nice, we will take walks around the neighborhood and she loves that. She enjoys serving dinner with one of her brothers. She is a bit bossy and will keep the other kids in-line when needed.

Joshua, continues to read about survival. He enjoys memorizing scripture. He is an example to me, with reading the Bible. He reads it daily. Josh, loves to run outdoors, climb trees, and invent things. His dad has hired him to work weekends with him at the apartments. He gets $5.00 an hour. Josh, is happy to be a working man now =) Josh, also likes hunting knives, ax, machete and anything else that will help him survive in the wilderness. He recently purchased a grappling hook from Vision Forum.

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  1. It was nice to read about all the different personalities of the children, and hey, with a house full of boys, Annette probably has to be bossy! ;)


    ps My Baby Girl has always been bossy, too! Shh!


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