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Copywork and Penmanship

Through the summer I am having all my children work on their penmanship. I want their handwriting to improve because next year I will add daily copywork. I want their penmanship to be neat.

Brent and Caleb, will use Classically Cursive. Brent, still needs practice with all the letters. Caleb, is doing fine, but I know he'll benefit with reviewing his cursive letters.
Classically Cursive is a reproducible book. One can make as many copies for the immediate family. I like having the option to copy a book for use with the younger kids, but at the same time, I find that here at Homeschooling6, we do better when the book stays intact.
I purchased only one book to make sure it's something that we will use. I really like it. Normally I'd order one per child, but with money being a bit more tight I may have to copy pages for Caleb. Decisions, decisions.

For copywork this year I chose Queen Homeschool Supplies.
For Caleb, Brent and Ethan I chose Copywork for Little Boys.
I bought only one. This book is consumable and one can't make copies from it. What I have decided to do is copy the passage into their notebook and have them copy my model. I was going to purchase one per child, but I'm not sure the lines provided for the child to write would work.

Annette, will go back and forth between Verses from the Bible and Copywork for Girls.

Joshua, will continue to copy the Declaration of Independence twice a week, but also use
Copywork for Boys.

All the children will use
Our Beautiful America.
I thought since Caleb and Brent, will be studying American History this year, this would be perfect to add to our studies.

I don't plan for us to use all these copybooks in one year. It will take us a couple of years to complete them. Many of them are for multiple grades.
The books can also be used for dictation. Once my younger children, feel comfortable I will go over previous passages and use them for dictation.

Benefits from copywork.
The child must pay attention to details while copying a passage. When the parent goes over the passage with the child, they can cover punctuation, spelling, capitalization and usage. The child is seeing and copying from a good model. They are learning how to properly write by copying good literature. 

When I read the passage to be copied I pause when there is a comma. Stop when there is a period. I think this also prepares them for the next step which is dictation.

When it comes to copywork and dictation, I lean more towards Charlotte Mason's style.

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