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Don't Believe Everything

I have been teaching Ethan, that he can't believe everything he hears. Recently, his cousin told him that their Grandparents from California drove out, spent the night at their house and left. Ethan, asked me if it was true. I replied, "Ethan, do you really think that Grandma and Grandpa are going to take a two day trip out here, stay over-night at your cousins house and leave the next day without seeing you?"

I let him figure out the answer. I wanted him to come to the conclusion that it was not true.

It sad but this is something that we need to teach our kids while they are still under our protection.

I have talked with my children about how others will not always have their best interest in mind. People will use them, be kind to them to get what they want at times. Again, it sad that things like this need to be discussed. I want my children to love others as Christ loves us but also be discerning. We can still love those who aren't out there for our best interest without being taken advantage of. As my father always says, "Don't take kindness for weakness".

I will continue to teach my children to pray, and love those who hurt them because I want them to have a heart after our Lord.

I am so proud of my children for loving others even when others don't show kindness to them.

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