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Final Decisions

(I'm writing because Lupe and the children are playing Dutch Blitz)

I think I'm getting down to the nitty-gritty of deciding. There are still a few subjects that I'm not sure about. Mainly history. 

I did change Ethan and Lance's up since I last posted a few weeks ago, but I think it's set.
I was going to use Shurley English with Ethan, but have since decided to use WinterPromise La's. I Chose the 1st grade level because it reinforces the phonics that Ethan has learned from Saxon Phonics. I have heard that it's a pretty advanced 1st grade program. I am also adding PAL/Writing, to add more grade appropriate writing. If needed I can always add in Writing With Ease.
I also like that it looks more fun. Saxon Phonics was great but there is no color. WP has a fun reader that the child can write it called Acorn and Friends.

With Lance, the major change is using IEW PAL/Reading (although I haven't seen All About Reading level 1). It looks fun and I love that it includes copywork, poetry, sequencing and more.

For Science I decided that I can save money by using Apologia instead of Bob Jones Distance Learning. I can save about $350.00. I already own the Apologia science text. I will need to purchase a few notebooking journals. By using Apologia Science I can combine the four younger children.

Okay, gotta go. My Sweets finished playing Dutch Blitz with the children and needs to use the computer now.

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  1. Peace comes with those final decisions :) I'm anxiously awaiting AAR Level 1. I hope it works for us. My daughter is really enjoying the Pre-Level 1.

    Is the favorite places working for you now? It looks like it on my end.


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