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I was going to write this yesterday, but didn't have the time. My Ethan and Lance, were so awesome yesterday. They played for hours together without bickering. It was music to my ears. I wasn't feeling good, so that really helped.

I made some play dough and they played with that for two hours. Then they went to their room and played for another hour or so. I was able to take a two hour nap as well. Not one of my dear, little children woke me up to ask if they could have a Graham cracker or watch Curious George either. It was great!

Here they are playing with the play dough.

 Here is what they made while I was in la-la land.

On the homeschooling front................now that I  have been back-and-forth with what time period in history we should study, I think we are going the American History route. And you want to know what's so crazy about this choice? This past weekend I packed up over 90% of my early American books.  Books that I had collected from WinterPromise American Story 1 and 2, My Father's World and Sonlight Core-4, along with the many other books that I have picked up along the way. How crazy is that!?!
For now, I'm going to keep them all in storage and use what only comes with the program we will use. I'm too tired to go back and dig all those books out of our storage unit.
I have been packing all curriculum that we will not use this year. Even, though I would like to use it, I'm still going to pack it up and put it in storage. This way I am not seeing it and it's not taking precious shelf space. If I REALLY need it we can get it from storage. I want only what will be used on the shelves.

I have been selling things that I know won't be used for many years or at all. This time I'm not going overly wild with selling, like I did two years ago. That year I sold things that I wish I hadn't and repurchased some of it. Yikes! That's embarrassing.

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  1. I've been trying to do that too (pack up stuff and get rid of stuff I know want be used at all or at least not very soon) I, too, only want what will be used this year on my bookshelves. It's way too easy to second guess yourself when you see all the other stuff hanging around :) What program did you end up deciding to use? Blessings,


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