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I'm Flooding

Wednesday, Ethan and Lance, attended a friends birthday party. She is in the same Sunday School class. They came home really excited and talking at the same time. Our friends have a swimming pool, so I purchased some arm floaters for Ethan and a vest for Lance.

Lance said, "Mom, I was saying, help, help, because I was flooding." I guess he was getting water in his mouth.

Saturday, I woke up to Lance, saying, "Look, notice anything?" He is standing next to my bed with his mouth open. I look and realized his tooth fell out. I asked him when and he replied, "I don't know", so where his tooth fell out, who knows! I was a bit sad that we didn't have a tooth. This is his first tooth to fall out.

Look at his round cute mouth.

 Lance, 'reading' before bed.

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  1. too cute! Hopefully you'll find the tooth...:)


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