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Lance School and More

This week I have been reading A Fly Went By.
I like that it has lots of rhyming words. Today, was the 3rd time this week I have read it to him. On day 1, I read the story all the way through as is. Day 2, I read the story emphasizing the rhyming words. Day 3, after reading the page, I went over all the rhyming words on that page.
After I read the book, I pulled out our rhyming cards from All About Reading.
Here is Lance, really thinking and concentrating on which pictures sound the same.

I put four pictures (only two rhyme). I then pick up a picture and say the word, making sure that Lance, is looking at my mouth. I have him look at my mouth to see the shape of my lips as I say each word. This helps him to figure out if the words rhyme or not.

I was really pleased when I put some cards down, two being 'bee' and 'tree'. Right away he said they rhymed. I got really excited. I asked, how he knew so fast. Lance, replied, "I saw the hole in the tree and knew that's where the bee lived. He flies in the hole."
And I thought he really knew they rhymed.

 Lance, wanted me to take a picture of the mice, because he liked them.

Summer School Day 3
All the children finished some math and Penmanship.
Brent and Caleb completed week 1 of Writing With Ease 2.
Joshua, completed two lessons from Week 5 of Writing With Ease 3.
Annette, Caleb and Brent, worked on their Creation Circles.
Annette & Ethan, left with her Auntie and cousins to run some errands.
Caleb, Brent and Lance had fun getting wet on this hot, hot, hot day!

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