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I remember playing library with my sisters when I was little. Now I  have the joy of watching my children do this.
Yesterday, Josh and Brent, set up their library. Lance, has a little part of the bookshelf for his library. All five books.
Annette, Caleb and Ethan, set up their library in their room. Yesterday I made a whole $6.00 at Half Price Books by donating two and half boxes of books (Lupe and I wanted to laugh when he gave us the total), so I donated the money to Annette's library. She purchased five new books for a total of $8.59. She had taken a few dollars to buy a book or two.

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  1. Um, you should of sold the books to me! I would of paid at least 10 dolloars...don't forget I'm building a library too! ;)

    Your post brought back memories. I remember playing library too...and school...and restaurant. LOL


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