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Little Bird

May 30th the children found this little bird fluttering around in the front and side of the yard. I told the children not to let any of the neighborhood kids know. I remember when I was little there was a hummingbird nest in our yard. Once the neighborhood kids found out about it they started throwing rocks at it. I was so excited about the hummingbird but it decided to leave (I would to).

 This is why I  told the children not to tell anyone about the little bird. The bird, had all its feathers but still couldn't fly.
 If you look closely you can see a worm in the mama bird's beak. She stayed around and fed her little one.
 Again, you have to look closely. The little bird waiting for mama to feed him. He would flutter. Maybe get a few feet off the ground. The mama bird, waited until the kids and I left. We were on our way out when I took these two pictures of baby and mama.
Hopefully, my next camera will be a better one, where I can get better close ups of nature.

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  1. I love brown! Too bad I don't drink coffee! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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