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Lots to Think About

This year was a good school year. We didn't finish all our workbooks and that was one of my goals this year. The only two programs that I can say was completed was Bob Jones Math and Saxon Phonics. I feel done. Although the last chapter of Bob Jones I didn't have Caleb do because he covered it using Math Whizz. With Saxon Phonics the last lessons were completed on the whiteboard, thus leaving workbook pages unfinished.

Josh and Annette, haven't completed Learning Language Arts Through Literature. I think they made it to lesson 20, leaving 16 lessons not complete. I am going to have them work on this through the summer though. Hopefully they can finish another five chapters.

We do school year around with our main schooling happening within the 36 weeks. Through the summer the children will continue their education.

Annette, started using Horizons Math. In January, I switched her to Saxon. If she works through the summer she will finish in two months. I'm not sure if she will continue with Saxon. I might start her with Epsilon from Math-U-See. For some reason I really like that she would spend more time on one concept. Epsilon, she would work with fractions and Zeta, with decimals. I like the in depths study of each concept while reviewing previous ones.

I tell ya, I seem to end up where I started with many of my choices. Thankfully, I haven't sold or given away my MUS blocks. Something just kept telling me to hang on to them. You're not done with MUS yet ;)

I have the fraction overlays but may have to purchase them again. I have them in storage, but where I don't know. Hopefully this summer I can find them. I also would like to find (if I haven't sold them) my Delta set.

This is my 'Lots to think about' part of my post. It's me rambling and hashing out things for next year.

Next school year for math:
Joshua-Teaching Textbooks 7 or Bob Jones. I can't decide. He is currently using TT6. My goal, has been to get him ready for Bob Jones Math 7. From what I have heard is it's a pretty tough course and it may be better to continue with TT. I'll blog more about that later.

Annette-Saxon 7/6 or MUSee Epsilon or Bob Jones 6 with DVDs. Annette will use Bob Jones for all subjects but math. I originally was going to have her use BJ math as well (since it comes with her course) but, she is really good with reading and doing school work on her own, I may use the math for Caleb (but haven't ruled it out completely yet).

Caleb-Bob Jones 5 with DVDs

Brent-Teaching Textbooks 5 and Math Mammoth 3A/B. I really wanted to use BJ4 but with so many tutoring sessions, I thought a computer based math would be best. It will free me up to teach other subjects. With teaching Lance, phonics, math, grammar and penmanship, it takes almost two hours. Teaching Textbooks is a big help.

Ethan-Teaching Textbooks 4 and Math Mammoth 3A/3B. Math Mammoth will be used as a supplement. I don't know if he'll finish both 3A/B in one year or not.

Lance-Funnix Math and Math Lessons for a Living Education by Queen Homeschool Supplies.

Language Arts for Next Year:

Joshua-his main grammar and writing program will be Bob Jones. I would like to add Writing Strands, copywork and Writing with Skill (Susan Wise Bauer). Josh, will have a full year using Bob Jones, so if anything I'd like to at least add in Writing With Skill. Josh, will continue to use Soaring with Spelling.

Annette-she will use Bob Jones writing and grammar course. I may add Writing with Skill. Again, I'm not sure if I can even swing it, as I'll be busy with the younger children. From what I understand I will need to teach Writing with Skill. I will add copywork to her daily schedule. A friend gifted me with a copybook from Queen Homeschool on verses. I will also add Copywork for Girls as well. I will alternate her copywork. I bought her a pretty notebook, to encourage her to do her best with writing.
Penmanship and spelling are included with her Bob Jones course

Caleb and Brent, will both use Shurley Grammar, Easy Classical Writing. With Easy Classical's Writing program they will learn to outline and write a summary from it. I will also have them do copywork as well at least 3x a week. Both will continue with Spelling Workout and MCP Plaid Phonics. I'm debating adding Apples and Pears spelling.

Ethan, will use Shurley Grammar, Soaring with Spelling, copywork, PAL/Writing, and Phonics Pathways.

Lance, is still up-in-the air. I am not sure if I'll use PAL/Reading or All About Reading. I'm waiting for AAR to come out before I make my decision. I still have McRuffy Phonics that Lance, was suppose to use this year. I need to go through it and see if he'll be ready for it by September.

I have a lot more on my mind, but this post is getting long.


  1. I like long posts! ;) It's good to hash it out a bit. I do that a lot until suddenly one day, it just sort of comes together. It will all come together for you, you'll see. You may want to start the elders with the BJU writing and grammar alone for a while and see how that goes before adding WWS. I have heard great things about BJ Writing and Grammar.

    It looks to me like you did get a lot done, Linda, and sometimes it's just time to call it done and count all the other educational things that they did throughout the year.

    I bet that if you put everything that has been accomplished in the middle of the table, you will be surprised with how much actually got done and the kids will be surprised as well.

    Good Job momma and kids!!!

    ps MUS has that pull doesn't it. I find myself visiting that website even though I'm not getting anything from there...LOL! Adam has enjoyed Mr. Demme so much for Geometry. He now tells me that he would have loved to do all the math lessons that way. Sheesh, now he tells me...:)

  2. You have accomplished so much with your kiddos this school year and I bet you will get a lot more done this summer with them. I remember when we got out for the summer that my mom would buy workbooks to continue our education through the summer and I think I will probably do something like that with my kiddos too. Hope the Summer studies go well!


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