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Lunch for my Hubby

A few weeks we were at Target. The kiddos wanted to look at the dollar section. I found these for my Sweets, lunch.
I like Lupe, to eat out for Lunch. It gives him time away from the office and the computer sreen.
 He normally goes to Wendy's and orders a small chili, small chicken sandwich and drink. It's a combo. The chili replaces the french fries. I think it was under $3.00.

With things being a bit more tight these days, my hubby, suggested that he needs to start taking a lunch. Like I said, I liked him getting out of the office but he's right. I started making sandwiches for him.
 I was going to purchase one of the Webber Bread containers that I see at the grocery store for $2.99. I was happy to find the ones above. They were a $1.00 each.
Yes, my Sweets, has gotten a few comments but at least I didn't get the pretty pink princess ones ;) I was tempted.

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  1. These are so cute! I haven't seen them in my Target, so I'll have to check again this week. ;)


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