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Missing Things

When one moves from a 3500sft. house to a 1200sft. house, much goes into a storage unit. We did get rid of our extra formal living and dining area furniture along with many other things but there is still stuff that won't fit in the new place. Like curriculum, books, tools, clothes that we are saving for the next child, CHRISTmas decorations, extra children's desk and chairs, etc. All things we can live without and if the storage unit burned it would be okay (although we don't want that to happen).

It's frustrating when I'm getting our new school year stuff in order. I know I have three sets of Homeschooling in the Woods Timeline, WinterPromise Timeline, books, my Epsilon fraction overlays, Sonlight Index Dividers, Math-U-See Delta, and more in the storage unit.

If I can't find some of the stuff I may have to repurchase. With the WinterPromise Timelines, I can replace with Sonlight Book of Time and make our timeline figures (but I don't want to). I can live without the index dividers but I was thinking of tranferring the Mystery of History to a binder and tab the weeks. I don't want to buy another set of MUS fraction overlays but I will if I have to.

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