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History Programs

For those of you who have followed my blog over the years (since 2006) you may know that I love The Mystery of History series, but haven't used it in our homeschool. For years I have wanted to add it in but it never happened.

You may also know that a few months ago I was so set on using Easy Classical History.

Well the update is this. I have been praying and staying up late looking at Story of the World Vol. 3. I like that the children can practice outlining using this and I LOVE the activity pages. All the maps are wonderful. I can add in the Usborne and Kingfisher books IF I have time. I already own everything but the Activity pages.

I am also considering A Living History of Our World.

I like the Journal Notebook that comes separately with this but at the same time I'm not sure if the notebook would work for us. I don't see my children drawing and writing in it. I think I prefer lots of narration this coming year. Where I'll write the narration and have the children copy it. I do like that A Living History of Our World has breaks and reminds the mom/teacher to have the children narrate.

Then there is Easy Classical, the one I thought for sure we were going to use.
As I have further researched Easy Classical History for Early to Modern Times, I realized that it's only American History. I want to study 'World History'. I do like the book selection.

Finally, The Mystery of History.

MOH, does not have the 4th Volume out yet. Linda, is working on it still. I thought, why not start from the beginning with Caleb and Brent? I haven't taught ancient history for years. The only thing that has been holding me back is I really like Story of the World's activity pages and the guide. Story of the World's guide, has questions for the children to help with narration. I suppose with Mystery of History I can have the children, just tell me what I read and write it down.
What I absolutely love about Mystery of History, is how the Bible is incorporated and weaved into history. The children will see what was happening in other parts of the world when Jonah was in the belly of the fish. What was going on out there, when Jesus our Savior walked the earth. How wonderful it that.

Last night I asked my Dear Hubby, to help me decide. He said, to go with the Mystery of History this year. Start from the beginning. I can always switch the fallowing year if I feel like we need to. So, this is why I'm giving Mystery of History a trial, summer run.
The only expense would be purchasing the $20.00 download for notebook pages. I don't have to have them but thought it will make things easier for me. I can also use Story of the World activity sheets here and there too (thankfully I own them as well).

Edited to add, that we will be adding Annette, to the mix with history. We decided we don't have the funds for her to use Bob Jones Distance Learning.
Now we will start with American History. Using America the Beautiful.
I think we may take two years to complete this. I'll add in state sheets and presidents that I have left from our MFW American History programs. I decided to start with American History because we haven't memorized all the states, capitals, presidents and parts of The Declaration of Independence. I would like Annette, to have these down before she enters High School.
FYI: the children know many of their states but could use a refresher course.

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